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National Geographic: Creative Strategies to save the agave.

A National Geographic photographer and journalist followed us to one of our many visits to Oaxaca where he interviewed the founder of Mezcal Amores, Santiago Suarez, who explained a little more about the Mezcal Amores Philosophy of sustainability and supporting the producing communities. Read the article and the pictures here:…

Coolhuntermx: Mezcal Amores’ message

Coolhuntermx interviewed us and we told them more about the Mezcal Amores’ brand: our natural and artisan production process to create an organic mezcal, our future plans and the Philosophy of supporting producing communities. Read the full article:

Vogue: “One Night Only: Inside Oaxaca’s Secret Desert Mezcal Festival”

The famous Vogue magazine wrote an article about the Mezcal Amores Experience at Oaxaca. They start to explain what’s Mezcal, takes us to live the experience of Mezcal Amores’ production and finally to the big party that we do in an agave field. Read it here:

The Guardian: “Mezcal is everything tequila is not.”

The Guardian went into the Mezcal lands of Oaxaca and made a portrait of Mezcal culture. They interviewed Santiago Suarez, the founder of Mezcal Amores and he explained the main differences between artisanal Mezcal and Tequila. Don’t miss the look of The Guardian here:

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