Mezcal Amores/Amarás philosophy is a homage
to the work of the production communities.

Our main objective is to create a win-win situation for all the parties involved in the process by implementinga model that benefits everyone at every level of the Amarás project. MezcalAmarás is committed to supporting local communities, Maestros Mezcaleros, agave growers and the local economies of Oaxaca and Guerrero where our mezcal is produced. We provide high-quality mezcal while preserving the land. The primary goal of our philosophy is to be as sustainable as possible in everything we do.

We dedicate 15% of our gross profit to improving ecological, economic and social sustainability in the Mezcal producing regions.


Replantation Program

Our replantation program consists of replanting 10 agaves –of the same species – for each agave we use.


In 2015 we started a program of nursery to reforestation and resurgence of wild agaves.

Our nurseries have more than 6 species of agaves, like: Mexicano, Tobalá, Cupreata, Jabalí y Mexicano del campo.Until now we’ve planted more than 150,000 seeds.

Organic and natural process

The production process is completely natural, organic and free of chemicals. Unlike common practices in the industry that use ammonia sulfate and chemical accelerators to reduce the days and allow a high level of sugars and alcohol before distillation and to increase the ratio of agave kilos to Mezcal liters. In the fermentation process it is very common to use sulfates and other chemical accelerators to reduce fermentation days and to achieve the sugar and alcohol levels before distillation and increase the relation between agave kilos and Mezcal liters.

Today, among our team of Maestros Mezcaleros, we have reached an agreement with 11 of them to adopt a chemical-free, natural fermentation process.


Economic and Social

Horizontal growth

To expand the profit distribution equitably and that producers can increase production of Mezcal without altering the traditional process, we are currently working with 11 Maestros Mezcaleros. Each one handles its rhythm, process and requirements.

Price pact for buying agave

In 2014, we implemented the first price pact for buying agave. This means that agave farmers are not dependent on fluctuating market prices. MezcalAmarás is the first brand of mezcal involved in this practice. Ensure regular from a price range of previously agreed agave income. In this way, farmers can have a glimpse into the future and a stable income.

Micro loans for maestros mezcaleros

Part of our budget is designated to provide micro loans without taxes to the Maestros Mezcaleros who are interested in investing in new equipment, expansion or purchase of agave. Together we analyze projects and the importance of it and based on that we decide how to invest, in return they pay us with Mezcal based on a prearranged time. As a result of this we increased volume and profit, and the birth of new job offers inviting more people to join.