Our process is 100% natural and organic

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100% Natural Fermentation




Agave is a symbol of Mexico.

Agave comes from Greek, which means “noble” or “admirable”

Agave is a symbol of Mexico. During thousands of years, its pointy shape and green color has been a visual reference in Mexican art, it constantly appears in photography, paintings and film.

In the Pre-Hispanic era, agave was utilized to make vinegar, sweeteners and it was the source of food in times of draughts; a source of fiber for the Pre-Hispanic diet. The pencas of the agave were utilized, as rooftops for housing and the quiote were the bases to support them. The fibers of the agave were used as sewing thread and its spine as needles. The agave was also used as soap and as a disinfectant to heal wounds.

Agave was the representation of Mayahüel. The agave goddess with her 400 breasts is the mother of the fertility of the land.

For Mexicans, agave is a sacred plant. It gives jobs to thousands of families and its knowledge is passed down from generation to generation. Agave is the raw material for Mexico’s oldest spirits and beverages and that sets us apart from any other spirits.

22 different species of agave to produce Mezcal

There are more than 200 species ranging from Arizona to Colombia.

In Mexico, there are more than 150 species that represent 75% of the total diversity.

There are more tan 22 identified species for producing Mezcal, meanwhile in Tequila there’s only one.

Agave is the perfect plant for global warming because it has had several adaptations to their environment for about 10 million years. They have the ability to accumulate water in their succulent and thick leaves allowing them to adapt to arid climates. The borders of their leaves have corneous teeth that protect them from predators and allow them to lower perspiration in the areas that are most exposed to the solar radiation.


The terroir produces the different aromas and flavors that make Mezcal unique.

In Prehispanic cultures, Mezcal is a mystical beverage, made from 5 elements: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and “Spirit”, resulting in one of the finest beverages in the world.

Its characteristics are the result of an artisanal production process and they change significantly from region to region – time and space – each village where we produce gives Mezcal Amores/Amarás its specific characteristics making each batch unique.

Synchronized with time, our Mezcals work together with man and earth. From the plant to each bottle we want to demonstrate the specific aspects of the terroir, combined with the experience of each of the Maestro Mezcalero who produce Mezcal Amores/Amarás to extract the essence of this beverage.

100% Natural Fermentation

Mezcal Amores/Amarás carries out the fermentation naturally, without external agents, only what nature and the local surroundings offer.

Amores/Amarás, is the purest distillate for consumption, because during its production process we do not add chemicals. While other distillates add artificial additives and agricultural yeasts, our fermentation is 100% natural, we use the environment’s natural bacteria and yeasts.

In this process the fermentation vats can be from different elements, such as: wood, stone, animal skin and stainless steel. The maceration process aims to activate wild natural yeasts prior to fermentation.

The goal of fermentation is to transform the agave sugars into alcohol alcoholic. The micro environment and the piña, give yeast a unique and unrepeatable profile for each palenque, our fermentation is with bagasse.

In this part of the process, the bagazo (fibers and juices) are placed in a wooden vat (1500 liters maximum) where water is added and the open fermentation starts to occur.

It’s a natural process that can last from 7 to 30 days (depending on the production season and the variations in precipitation and weather).

Mezcal Amores/Amarás is one of the few Mezcals which thefermentation process is completely natural, organic and free of chemicals. Unlike common practices in the industry, our fermentation is completely natural with bacteria that comes from the surrounding environment.

That allows to create a complexity in the microbiotic interactions giving Mezcal a variety of tastes and aromas, representing the solar energy and the terroir.

At Amores/Amarás we only use wooden vats, mainly pine and we take good care of times since it can spoil the mosto (wort).

We control the whole production value chain to be organic, natural and artisanal, so we consider that Amarás is the purest distillate and the least harmful for consumption since it is 100% natural.


There are 7 steps to making Amarás. Each stage requires the five senses.

Being an artisan-made distillate, Mezcal Amores/Amarás smells and tastes like the community where it comes from. By drinking it, you make a direct connection between producer and consumer. It should be tasted consciously and calmly. Enjoy the flavor slowly - sip by sip - to connect with your surroundings and the essence of the elixir.



Once the plant reaches its sexual maturity, the agaves are selected by jimadores, who for generations have the knowledge of obtaining the vino mezcal.



This is the second stage that is more demanding physically and the one that separates us from Tequila. This is where the Mezcal obtains its smokiness. At MezcalAmores/Amarás we use oak wood to give a lighter smokiness.



The maceration process is going to activate wild natural yeasts prior to fermentation. At Amarás we use an Egyptian mill.



MezcalAmores/Amarás is one of the few Mezcals which thefermentation process is completely natural, organic and free of chemicals.



Through heat the copper stills allow to concentrate the mezcal, the process consists of 2 stages of distillation.



Each bottle is dated and signed by the Maestro Mezcalero with the batch number and number of bottles produced.



Between 6 and 30 years, agaves absorb solar energy, waiting to reach their sexual maturity. Once the agave reaches the peak of their sexual energy it is harvested, to be shared with others. I drink the blood of the sun; it is the energy of sharing the connection of oneself with the environment and our people.

Sip with consciousness

Mezcal Amores/Amarás aims to share its philosophy with the ones who taste it.

At Mezcal Amores/Amarás we are aware that alcohol is one of the greatest problems of mankind, that’s why we are always honest that Mezcal needs to be drank with the same respect and consciousness in which is created: slowly and to appreciate all the aromas and flavors that each sip has to offer: nature, tradition, time and space. Terroir

Mezcal Amores/Amarás seeks to share its philosophy with those who want to taste it, that’s why we recommend you to sip it with consciousness.